What our clients say about us.

couple1“Your work with my uncle was expeditious and expert. Your interactions with him at the assisted living facility were warm and comprehensive. You showed great sensitivity interfacing with my family; you took a situation that could have become contentious, and somehow brought peace and cooperation to the process. I am grateful for your kindness, compassion and skills.”
-Steve, nephew


“Your help was invaluable. We depended on your advice, expertise and support through this very stressful time. You guided us through each step. You were there for us. We couldn’t have done it alone.” –Adele and Ron, daughter and son-in-law

“Staying in my home is important to me. You set up the support systems I need so I can. Taking me to my doctors’ appointments, making sure that my prescriptions are refilled and the bills are paid, and getting meals delivered helps me stay in the house that I love. Thank you!” -Dorothy, client

“Helene Feldman is my aunt’s elder care manager. I refer to Helene as my aunt’s very dear friend, and mine, too. The word ‘wonderful’ is how my aunt describes her to everyone, and I have to agree. I will be moving out of state, and I feel very comfortable with Helene being here for my aunt.” -Rita, niece

“My Aunt Deb came to trust Helene and reached out to her in various ways; not an easy thing for Deb, but one that made her life bearable and frequently gave her reason to smile and forget her own declining powers. Helene visited her at least weekly and called her regularly as well, and by the impact of her own enthusiasm, she was able to draw Deb out of herself and into a warm and trusting relationship.” -Jerry, nephew

“When my mother was taken to the Emergency Room from the nursing home, you met her there and that was very reassurring to her and to me. Since you knew her well, you played an important role by communicating with the physicians and staff to make sure they got a clear picture of her medical conditions. If you hadn’t been there I’m sure that she would have been lost in the shuffle.” -Marshall, son